Humans Connect Foundation

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Our mission is to create and implement enriching programs for children and parents that will address the issue of empathy decline by enhancing emotional intelligence skills of interpersonal communication leading to a higher degree of compassion among each other. These character enhancing programs and educational materials for children and parents will be based on the latest psychological and neuroscientific research.

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Free Children Yoga Sunday 4-5 pm, ages 4 and up

Happiness boosting combo of Yoga, Dance & Mindfulness exercises will be presented in a fun and interactive way that gets brains working and hearts pumping. Smiles are guaranteed :)

Will start out with cardio as participants repeat dance moves to the energizing music followed by enactment of a story through yoga poses ending in a mindful relaxation and mindful eating exercise.

Location: Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park & Machado Lake, south end of the park.

HCF Initiative on Bridging Intergenerational Gap

Humans Connect Foundation - a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation, is looking for volunteers, ages 18 and above with an interest in working in a field that serves elderly.

The volunteers can be as young as high school seniors (must have own transportation), college students planning to enter careers with a focus on geriatrics or young adults who care about elderly. The students can use this unique volunteer experience to add to their CV as many programs require applicants to have volunteer experience before they are considered as eligible applicants for work within a field that is tightly intertwined with geriatrics (social service workers, case managers, health care workers, physical, speech or occupational therapists, counselors, policy makers, public servants etc etc).

Volunteers set their own hours and provide companionship (NOT medical care) to an elderly individual. Both engage in a connecting fun activity of mutual choice: ex: playing card games, golfing, fishing, sharing stories, dining, cooking, watching a movie, shopping, playing music etc etc.

The idea is for both to enjoy each other's company, develop understanding of each other thereby bridging the intergenerational gap. Due to this new connection, both benefit as the elderly gets to feel appreciated for his/her wisdom and a companion enhances the virtues of empathy, gratitude and compassion.

If interested in this meaningful experience, contact us at